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Plaster Stud 110mm wall


The 110mm Plaster platinum system incorporates 92mm studs with 10mm plasterboard.

Designed to be used residentially or commercially, the 110 frame is an all-purpose solution.

The 110 specifically focuses on door and window framing that displays a slim-line finish which is both visually appealing and robust. Door and window frame fabrication can simply be done onsite or prior to delivery.

A unique feature of this suite is the heavy duty door stop, which incorporates either 38mm or 44mm doors.

The aluminium can be finished in a variety of anodising or powder coat colours, eliminating the need for the frames to be painted on site.


·        Suits both 92mm steel studs or 90mm timber studs with 10mm plasterboard;

·        Allows structural columns and plumbing to be incorporated within the cavity;

·        Options allow for 35mm or 44mm doors also with the option of the heavy duty Door Stops

·        Glazing pocket incorporates 6mm to 10mm glass.

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