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Demountable Partitions


Fully demountable, this 44mm suite exudes innovation and practicality.

The demountable concept allows future alterations and extensions to be performed simply and cost effectively with the minimum amount of disturbance to occupants.

The suites reusability supports the Environmental requirement to maximise resources and minimise wastage.

A swift installation time is assured due to the modular type construction, while the pre-finished panels and aluminium reduce the number of trades required on site, minimising dust and disturbance.

The 44mm suite ensures a crisp and streamlined finish providing space saving opportunities. With its range of design options, the Demountable System provides the designer with the option of creating a variety of outcomes, whilst maintaining a clean streamlined appearance.

Each module can be connected together with a variety of configurations, each providing their own distinct appearance and adding to the corporate image of the suite.

Features of the Demountable 44mm:

·         Prefabricated modular system;

·         Reusable and relocatable;

·         Minimise trades on site;

·         Tax write off advantages (refer to your accountant for more information regarding "furniture");

·         Streamlined 44mm walls;

·         Ease of installation;

·         Functional and adaptable; and

·         Space savings through minimum wall thickness.

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